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Bye, I'm going to China.


Okay, I'm not going to leave you with just that (though that might be funny). But in case you've ever wondered what the RP would be like without me hanging around like I always do, now you get to find out. I will be gone from tomorrow morning through the 22nd and I'll be back whenever I feel awake enough. I'm putting the m_p plot post up early and I'll put next week's m_w one when I get back at some point. As you see, I conveniently have taken my characters out of the picture for the next little while (except Greta I guess, but imagine she's busy with beginning of the year stuff and Quidditch tryouts and all), though if you need to NPC them a bit (Sylvie says if you want to NOC her snogging a hot guy - go right ahead. ;p Lari says if you do so, just let me know so I can keep it on record. ^^). If you have modly questions, bug Eric or Kris, hee.

Anyway, on to the plot post.

Last plot post

August 28 Happy Birthday, Lily!

(backdated) Lily's sixteenth birthday party! James, Sirius and Peter come to crash it, however, leading to amusing results.

(backdated) James found his OWL scores and is looking forward to school.

August 29

Greta meets Heidi's boyfriend for the first time and can't believe they're dating.

Maria's worried with Louis gone.

September 3

Anna's finally discovering how harrowing OWL year can be.

September 4

Fabian explains the circumstances that led to him losing an arm and taking up the cursed DADA position.

September 5

Cissy is still laughing about the duel and got her own Prefect badge.

Morgan's not impressed with Fabian as Professor - she thinks his injuries showcase the real world too much.

Alecto is upset about Evan's continued attraction to Emmy and wants to be just like Bellatrix.

Sirius asks Marly to meet him in the Astronomy Rower.

Marly and Greta exchange notes over dinner about Marly going to meet Sirius. Greta suggests the Greenhouses next time - more hiding places.

Sirius and Marly meet and discuss their 'relationship' along with some snogging. They're caught by Fabian who suggests the Greenhouses for next time. ;p

September 6

Alice asks how Emmy's doing and Emmy promises to come to Alice rather than duelling again.

September 7

Gwen cheated on Dai. He wants Emmy back. Emmy's hesitant.

September 8

Emmy thanks Snape for his mother's help after the duel near the Whomping Willow.

Evan says the better person won the duel. Alice and Greta rip into him.

September 9

Ander gives us the lightning quick Quibbler report.

Sirius feels he'll be justified in killing Snape based on Ander's report.

Bart found his journal.

September 10

Monocle Boy was caught as a DE in the stupidest way possible. Greta's amused whyile Emmy's more introspective.
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