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Magic Life OOC

Grab a butterbeer and relax

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Welcome to ml_students, the OOC community for magic_life and magic_past. All players from Magic Life and Magic Past must join this community. This is where all OOC entries should go (except for discussion on plot ideas and the like which belongs in magic_plot). None of it will go in magic_life or magic_past if you please.

That being said- have a Butterbeer and relax!

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Apply Here! ||| Friends List

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magic_life House Points
Gryffindor: 796
Slytherin: 196
Hufflepuff: 287
Ravenclaw: 472

magic_past House Points
Gryffindor: 560
Slytherin: 575
Hufflepuff: 500
Ravenclaw: 400

Plot Recaps (helpful for new players!):
magic_life (last one ever!)

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