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Hiatus note

All right, we're done with the GTCs. Good job with that by the way, guys.

And as of now, magic_past is officially on hiatus while we retool it. And this is where you're free to tell us anything you want to about the new game. Anything includes, but is not limited to: applications, rules, characters, locations (as in, should we stay here or head over to GJ as well), and anything your little hearts desire. Comments will be screened (or you can email or IM us), so you can tell us whatever you want and we'll take things into account as best we can.

We'll get back to you with updates and a final decision, which we'll be posting at mw_students (for those of you who are only playing here at m_p, we have an absolutely fantastic trio-era game over on GJ) for your convenience, although we'll post them here, too.

And that's about it. Let us know your thoughts, especially on whether we should be on LJ or GJ.

That's all for now. Catch ya on the other side.
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