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Okay, this is a major announcement. Can't get much larger than this for this game.

I've listened to each and every player in this game except Becca, who is out of town I understand. You all had your opinions on what was proposed. I'm not going to name names, but it turns out that the majority of you guys were in favour of the idea. So we're going to go with it, dudes and dudettes.

But let me tell you, this isn't going to instantly solve anything and I think you all know this. When it comes to playing in a school setting or out of school setting, things happen, characters get held up somehow and the interest disappears. I've talked it over with a few people to get some ideas on how to prevent this, not just for magic_past, but for any rp.

  • Branch out! Your character is basically playing with one or two other characters. No good! Get them out of that tight little box, dude. You can do it. There are opportunities all the time, either when you plot with another player or you join an OPEN rp. If your character is in a romantic relationship, even if they love that person to pieces, that doesn't mean they can't interact with others, and it doesn't mean mistakes can't be made. This is a real problem, especially with characters that are in relationships with other characters who just arean't that active. They end up having little to do and they shrivel up a bit. Branch out!

  • Want to play! This is really important. I don't like feeling that some players think they have to keep the characters they have, even if it means updating them every three months. Let's face it, unless you were really busy or away (and if you were, you'd tell us), if you still had interest in that character, you'd be playing more often. There are players here that manage to post even when there's not much to post about, and that's cause they're very interested in their characters. If you're not interested in your character anymore, drop them. Please please please don't feel like you have to play anyone. There's nothing wrong with trying out a character for a month or two and then dropping them... (as long as you don't go nuts.) I am not saying this to be mean. You guys know us: if you're going to be on extended away for any reason, that's absolutely fine. If you're just hella busy with exams and stuff, that's fine. But if it's not that, then you should be able to play more, especially if your character is in a close relationship (romantic or otherwise) with another played character. It's not fair to them if you've lost interest and are only posting a sentence here and a sentence there. Want to play, and if you don't, don't feel like you have to keep the character. Drop them, it's okay! There are others that might catch your fancy, right?

  • Tell us when you're going to be away! Okay, maybe this won't help with plot, but it'll put us at ease. Seriously, no joke, think of this as a rule-type thing: if you're going to be away for a while, let us know. Especially if you're going to be away for so long that you won't be able to post to the requirements. It's really annoying to hear 3rd hand that a player has been missing because they were away. Each of the mods have email addresses, each of us have AIM SNs, and if you're on Magic War, each of us can access the Private Message system. No excuses! Contact us!

  • Lastly, though this is probably my fault because I'm a stickler for realism and rules, think outside the box. Just because something is illegal or a place is banned doesn't mean that a character might not try it anyway. Especially with the Marauders, who were known for breaking rules. What annoys me is people trying to get away with things that are impossible, but that's turned into a fear that most players are trying to get away with nonsense, and I know you're not like that. So do stuff. And come to us if you're not sure you can get away with it, or involves major npcs. If you know us, you know we always listen to you. When was the last time we just dismissed something? Think out there!

And don't feel like I'm lecturing you, cause I gotta work on these things myself. =P

All right then, with that in mind, we're going with the change. What will happen is that we will continue with the current magic_past plot, which is the Golden Comb Trials. That will start next week and at the most last a month. (But probably not. We'll see) During that time we'll be working on plot for the 1978 magic_past. Also, it'd be helpful if, as well as participating in the GCT plot, you worked out stuff for your characters for the fast forward.

I've got a canon timeline that we'll be going by. At the most it'll tell us where certain characters die, are born and are conceived (abouts) so we can work off of that. There's still a great deal of time to fill in and play with.

So what I need you to do for the fast forward is this:

  • Post here with the characters you intend to keep in the fast-forward. Remember, you don't have to keep all of them.

  • Think about what happened to your characters between now and several months after graduation. This might involve getting in touch with players your characters may have relationships with. It'll be a bit of work, but there's time.

  • Since we're gonna use the same communities and journals, when the time comes be prepared to post something in your characters journals to tell the world what they've been up to since they last posted a couple of years back. That'll get them ready to be used again after the fast forward. We'll remind you of that when the time comes.

  • Also since we're dealing with older characters, only a few pbs/icons will have to change. Most of you, I think, can keep the same pb and icons that you have, but a couple of you have pbs and icons that'll just be too young-looking for that character at 18 (if you plan to keep them). I'm not going to point anyone out, but I might tag you later on if you happen to keep those pbs for whatever reason. Something to start thinking about.

  • I can't think of anything else at the moment, but we'll keep you updated. =P

And that's it. So if there are any questions about this, or concerns or whatever, let us know. If you want or need t, just email us and we'll get back to it. Scout's honour.

Now I'm tired, so I'll end it there. Stay in touch and keep at it!

Oh yes, and one last thing. For this and the fast-forward, any adult characters that are a few years older than the current crowd can be played without requirements. That is, as much or as little as they want. This is because those characters are just harder to play. So peeps like Maria, The Prewetts, Molly, Arthur, Ted and Andromeda etc. get the pass. Peeps like Evan Rosier and Rabastan Lestrange and Bellatrix Black, for example, do not.

So be merry!
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