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September 28

The Golden Comb Trials are announced for sixth years.They are rather excited about the prospect.

September 29

Alice wonders what kind of events there might be.

Bella's been busy and she wants to know alllll about what's been happening at Hogwarts. People are less than thrilled to see she's back and Rabastan is weirded out by how happy she is. She and Maria plan to have tea?

September 30

Evan is upset that seventh years don't get to do the trials.

United is off to a good start this year, which Greta is rather excited about. Non United supporters aren't so sure.

October 1

James is pretty certain he and his mates will make the trials and plan to check out all the foreign birds.

October 2

Lily doesn't think she'll be picked, but is excited nonetheless. James tries to flirt with her unsuccessfully, yet again.

October 3

Q is afraid everyone's going to get picked for the trials except him.

October 5

Anna's trying not to be upset about being ineligible.

The Marauders are hard at work on their Map, using James's cool Invisibility cloak to tag all the students to put on it.

Frank wishes luck on whoever is going to go. James says thanks, but everyone else tells him he's got a good shot of going himself.

Greta wants to know who thinks it would be a bad idea to let all the Marauders go to Germany.

Anderson gives us the latest scoop - how Disco is obviously brainwashing Muggles to forget about weird magical occurences.

October 6

Anderson's article makes everything make sense for Emmy.

Remus thinks the Marauders going would be fun. He's in an especially good mood. James and Sirius tease him about Emmy, and Alice suggests breaking James's legs so he can't go.

Dai's a shoe-in for...whatever it is and wants another date with Emmy. She grants that he's persistant.

October 10

Ben says he hopes the Marauders go - good riddance. He doesn't think he'll be picked.
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