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Hey guys! As in MW, it's time for another Activity Check.

Now while we all know that Magic War is the main roleplay that we're involved with (most of us) and that this is a far more casual roleplay. We're all agreed there. At the same time, I think we've been neglecting this game.

While I know you guys are busy with RL and MW, do try your best to give this game a little more attention. Especially those of you that haven't posted in months and months but have managed to give MW some time.

So the same thing with MW, I'm going to post people that haven't posted in at least 3 weeks (and for many it's been much, much longer). If you're on this list, then by the end of next week please post something. We'll do better as mods to make plot for you guys to play with, but try to come up with stuff yourself too.

Here we go!

Peter Pettigrew - picayune_peter

There we are! We know what needs to be done.

Allrighty! Take it easy, dudes!
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