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Plotty post

Last Plot post

September 12

Lily is bogged down with work and wants to set up study dates.

September 13

Evan argues with Anna and Emmy near the lake and tries to explain Emmy's appeal to Anna. He then tries to help Alecto with something, but she's not having it.

September 15

Sirius wants to know how the team's looking.

September 16

Eileen sends her son her old potions book.

Snape is very pleased about the book he's received.

September 17

Emmy's terribly confused over NEWT level Muggle Studies.

September 18

Cissy wishes she was at the beach with Lucius rather than this pathetic school.

September 23

Alecto always misses the good things and she wonders about clubs. She also wonders about Prewett.

September 24

Fabian leaves a cryptic note to Gideon about an Owl he sent. Emmy wants to know more what he's talking about but he refuses and goes all teacher-y on her.

Gideon is going to get those who hurt Fabian during the event.

Greta notes the quiet, argues about Quidditch, shows off a new picture of her sister and plans to meet with Bart.

September 25

Maria has lost her journal in the loo - she's not sure how.

September 26

Ben and Greta meet in the Greenhouses to catch up.
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