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Plot post

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August 18

Narcissa's bored being back in the country and offers 100 galleons for someone to entertain her. She ends up with Dai offering to jump in a zoo pen and ride an animal of her choice, and Evan and Emmy duelling.

August 19

There's a strange scent in Snape's store. Dai tells him it's him.

Anna gets to go to Diagon Alley by herself this year. She discusses how ridiculous the Quibbler is. Ander diagrees.

Fabian's on assignment with Dorcas.

Petunia's not talking to Lily and she shows off her OWL scores, which weren't as good as she hoped.

Dai's miffed that Gwen hasn't called or written this Summer.

August 20

Morgan wishes she could see the duel and asks Cissy to take pictures.

August 21

Alice asks if it's not possible to have a holiday without people trying to kill each other. Everyone tells Evan he's a freak.

Alice asks Emmy if she's really going through with this and offers some pointers.

Evan and Emmy inform their friends of the duel.

Ben tells people not to do anything they'll regret.

(backdated) Dai asks Emmy how she could do this. He's a bit miffed to be missing out of the whole of Cissa's 100 galleons.

August 22

Evan and Emmy duel. At first it seems like Emmy wins, but then Evan engages her again and takes her out.

August 24

Lily sends invitations to her friends for her birthday party.

The Puffs have kept Sirius entertained and now he needs something more to do.

August 28

Lily loves birthdays.
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