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Last plot post

August 1

Greta and Emmy head to the shady taverns of Liverpool to find a manly man who likes ballet while Gideon follows them to make sure they're okay. They cheat a bit. ;p

(backdated?) Emmy gets grounded because she forgot to clean the beer off her before she returned home. Greta got off lighter (spoiled little brat), Sirius doesn't get why she's angry, and Alecto tries to insult her much to And's amusement.

August 2 Happy Birthday, Maria!

Anna's hand is fixed and she complains about her mother. Ander tells her that chores will give her Spattergroit.

Snape's misplaced something and tells Lily no one cares about what she says.

Gideon returns the magical container Greta chucked at some guy in the bar and tells her to be more careful.

Greta shows the proof of her adventure and their bet to Sirius in the journals, however neither Sirius nor Bart believes her.

Maria celebrates her twenty-second birthday.

Remus hates that time of the month and wishes he could stand up to his friends. He Owls his mates to see how it's going.

August 3

Sirius clears up the rumours about him running away from home and Owls Peter and Remus to get themselves to Iwerne Minster. Lily isn't impressed with Sirius trying to set her up with James.

Lily sends post to Q about her birthday and they agree to meet up.

August 5

Evan wishes they could ward in the journals.

Q wants to know what everyone is going to be when they grow up.

Morgan is going to Brazil for holidays and just wants to leave a message about how pathetic certain people are.

August 6

Moony, Padfoot and Prongs rendez-vous at the Potter place and go to kidnap Wormtail.

Alecto Owls Evan to tell him she can visit, but her brother has to come with.

August 7

Lily and Q go on their first real date (after dating for how long? ;p) and see a scary Muggle film.

August 11

The newest Quibbler unveils Snape's latest plot to build a time machine.

Damn, Snape's plans are foiled. ^^ But maybe it can still be done.

August 12

Greta can't believe people haven't discussed their OWL scores yet, so she starts. Remus is a little modest, Sirius not so much and Greta and Marly are going to miss each other in certain classes!

Frank doesn't want to discuss OWls, but the double date planned instead.

August 14

Ander got three new subscriptions to the Quibbler.
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